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Mental Health Awareness Week

This Can Happen are delighted to be supporting Mental Health Awareness Week,
running from Monday 15 - Sunday 21 May 2023.

Proud to support

“It's amazing to see how many organisations embrace Mental Health Awareness Week. Even more amazing is the awareness and education that takes place beyond this particular week. Mental Health Awareness Week must serve as a catalyst to support mental wellbeing all year round."

Zoe Sinclair, Co-founder, This Can Happen Global

Our Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors share their individual experiences of anxiety with us.

Our 2023 Awards Judges

We asked four of our 2023 Awards judges to tell us about their personal lived experience of anxiety. 

Anxiety comes in many forms, what does it look and feel like to you?

What is one word you would use to describe what anxiety feels like?

Useful Resources

Explore all our resources, full of information, advice, and links to support.


Let's talk about stress
Blog Post

Julie Denning, Managing Director of Working to Wellbeing, explains that developing emotional awareness is something we can all do. 
MHUK just anxiety

Mental Health UK
'Just' Anxiety Campaign

This campaign aims to help people and organisations to understand the difference between anxiety and anxiety disorders and to confidently signpost to the right support.


Henriette Lang

Me…anxiety. I have ownership.

Our Client Services Manager Henriette shares her own lived experience of anxiety and offers advice to others who find themselves in the same boat.


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